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December 13, 2022

Vince McMahon Reportedly Planning To Make WWE Comeback Amid Allegation Demands

The Wall Street Journal released a new report about McMahon and he is facing legal demands from two women who allege that he sexually assaulted them, per internal documents and people familiar with the legal negotiations. On 11/3, the lawyer of Rita Chatterton, former WWF referee who accused McMahon of rape, sent a demand letter to McMahon’s attorney Jerry McDevitt. 

She is asking for $11.75 million in damages. The letter was reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. McMahon has denied Chatterton’s allegation. 

In a separate email sent to McDevitt, the lawyer of a former spa manager is claiming that McMahon assaulted his client in 2011 at a California resort. Per the Journal, those familiar with McMahon’s reaction have shared that he refuses to pay settlements to Chatterton and the spa manager. 

In addition to those notes, it is noted in the piece that McMahon has told people he intends to make a comeback to WWE. He feels he received bad advice from those close to him to step down and he believes the allegations and investigations would have blown over if he stayed in his position. McMahon remains the largest shareholder of WWE. 


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