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June 28, 2024

Triple H Explains WWE's Unique Approach: "We’re a Movie About a Sport"

In an interview with The Pat McAfee Show, Paul 'Triple H' Levesque shared his perspective on WWE, emphasizing that WWE is not a sport but a "movie about a sport."

He stated: “Our fanbase is so ravenous for (content). There is nothing else that episodically airs. I say this a lot; we’re not a sport. We’re a movie about a sport or a TV show about a sport. The interest of all the other things happening are just as great as what happens in the ring. People are so interested, in not only those storylines, but who are the real people behind those storylines? The drama behind it. If you’re younger or want to buy into it that much, the drama of the storylines. If you’re in a different mindset, the drama of what is happening behind the scenes. ‘Is that guy leaving? Has he signed a contract? Is he going to stay? I heard he has problems with management, they’re trying to restrict his style.’ Whatever your mindset is, you can go there and follow up with it on a regular basis. The content is easy to watch and easy to understand. You can sit on a bus or train and watch clips.”


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