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July 7, 2024

John Cena Announces Retirement Tour, Wrestlemania 2025 Will His Last Match

John Cena has done the unthinkable.

The former 16-time world champion made a surprise appearance at this evening’s Money In The Bank premium live event in Canada, where he received a hero’s welcome. Cena got on the mic and told the WWE Universe that was officially retiring from WWE after two decades. He added that the great Canadian fan base always shows up when wrestling is at its hottest, and WWE is hotter than ever.

Cena then revealed his plan for retirement, stating that he will be at the Raw premiere on Netflix, he’ll compete at the 2025 Royal Rumble, the 2025 Elimination Chamber, and at WrestleMania 41 in Las Vegas. However, those events will be his last, with the indication being that Mania 41 will be his final match. To end his speech, Cena challenged any future WWE superstar to step up to the plate, because “The Last Time Is Now.”


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