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March 8, 2016

Vince McMahon Comments on the WWEPC and Triple H's Corporate Growth

Vince McMahon discusses WWE's future and Triple H's corporate role in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel:

Q: The Performance Center has now been here for nearly three years. What has it been like to see the growth of it and the opportunity to do it in the first place and now see what it has become?

A: "That, quite frankly, was pretty much my son-in-law Paul [Levesque, also known as Triple H], his vision. He's done an unbelievable job. Years ago, there were all these fiefdoms, these territories and what-have-you throughout the United States. It was easy for us then to reach out and grab some of those seasoned talents and introduce them to WWE. That was a golden era as far as talent acquisition is concerned. That was then.

"So where do you get your talent today? There is none of that now so you start, in essence, a farm league so to speak and you grow that. It takes a while. You can't just walk in, an athlete, no matter how good they really are, you can't walk in and do what we do. There are a lot of athletes from a pro standpoint that come in and they just can't do it. it takes a special person. And it's not just the athleticism; it's the personality projection, it's the charisma, and that you either have or you don't. You can create an aura somewhat but you can't create charisma.

"What Paul has done, he's done an extraordinary job and because of the welcome here in Florida, because of the Performance Center, its world-class qualities, we are able to attract so many more athletes now. You saw the NXT talent that was here. I was talking to John Cena who was there [at the Performance Center] this week giving a pep talk and he said these talents are really, really good. And he says, 'I've got to tell you, watching the new talents in there, the looks that they certainly have, you can see that they're very different and they're gifted athletically.'

"He said this is going to be a huge crop of new talent coming up. Again, it's the concept of the big wheel keeps on turning. In our world, that's because of NXT, that's what happens in that big wheel with all of the distribution and all of our developers now, it just gets bigger and bigger and the momentum continues on."

Q: What it's been like to see Paul grow the way he has behind the scenes? This is a guy that's still a performer in the ring but now he's a big part of helping run things and a guy that in the future is going to have an even bigger role running things with your daughter Stephanie.

A: "It's extraordinary watching that growth. Growth is painful sometimes. Some of us really enjoy pain so it's easy for us to grow. Most people don't. Most people say they want to grow but more people are naturally comfortable with where they are. Paul's not that way. Paul is very aggressive. Not outwardly so. When you meet with him and talk with him, it's like, 'what a nice guy.' But inside, he has that competitive spirit and he's always reaching for that brass ring.

"He's done so well. I'm so proud of him, not just the years he's spent in the ring and I don't know how many more years that's going to last. This may be his last WrestleMania. I don't know. He's a little long in the tooth as I say to his face and we all laugh about that now because I'm 70 years old. Nonetheless, corporately the growth over the last two years has been exponential and Stephanie's part has been even more of a meteoric rise. What she does in terms of representing the brand, no one can represent the brand in all aspects, in all facets of our business, and she fits everywhere. Talk about an ambassador, she's obviously beyond an ambassador and her growth corporately has been great. I'm very proud of both of them."

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